Floor furniture

Fussion Chrome 600
Fussion Line 600
Vinci 1210
Fussion Chrome 700
Fussion Line 700
Vinci 810
Fussion Chrome 800
Fussion Line 800
Vinci 610
Fussion Chrome 900
Fussion Line 900
Vinci 1205
Fussion Chrome 1000
Fussion Line 1000
Vinci 855
Fussion Chrome 1200
Fussion Line 1200
Fussion Chrome 855 Right
Fussion Line 1105
Fussion Chrome 1205 Right
Fussion Line 1205 Right
S40 Alliance Legs Gloss White
S40 Alliance Legs Bay Pine


Furniture with legs or hanging units? If you distrust hanging furniture, floor standing furniture or that with legs is your choice. Currently, most furniture is suspended as it provides more space, but if you do not have the same confidence in it as furniture with legs, Salgar provides a wide range of this type of furniture to suit your tastes and needs .